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Customer Feedback

Dave W.
Dave W. 9/2020
"I just worked with one of your employees at Synergetic Communication. It’s not like I deal with a collections office very often. In an unpleasant experience of being in collections the representative was wonderful and helped me to understand why the account was owing. She made the experience enjoyable and I wanted someone to know this."
Andrea H.
Andrea H. 8/2020
"What great employees you have and how polite, helpful, awesome that we are willing to work with her on payments. Also mentioned that Synergetic Communication is the first collection agency to get money out of her and that she normally calls the client and deals with them but in this case she didn’t mind going through us."
Denise M.
Denise M. 10/2020
"I am writing to share my wonderful experience while with one of your employees about my account that still needs to be resolved. I have worked with a number of collection agencies and creditors and have never been more moved by the professional, collegiate interaction that I experienced with your representative. The dignity that was extended to me was very much appreciated while I work to resolve my account."
Albert Pine
Albert Pine6/2020
"Ms. Jane T is 89 years young she called to give a compliment, she states everyone very sweet, kind and helpful…."


Client Feedback

Becky S.
Becky S. 7/2020
"I also want to thank YOU so much for ALL that you’ve done for me and RCFD. Just knowing that you ALWAYS have our best interest at heart makes my job much easier"
Monique G.
Monique G. 2/2020
"The process of transmitting monthly electronic data is going very well and our reports are coming together nicely because of our partnership. Thank you all for always accommodating our needs and working collaboratively with us. "
Shara H.
Shara H. 2/2020
"Hi, just wanted to drop a quick note to say how pleased we are of the services you have provided to us. Collections have been better than ever, and I appreciate the great job you are doing. Your staff is always helpful and courteous. I am looking forward to a continued working relationship with Synergetic Communication."
Maria 8/2020
"The management and staff at Synergetic Communication are wonderful. I have had a working relationship with them for about 5 years now. No matter who answers the phone, I always get results. Whether that person can help or not, they will find someone who can. Always a prompt response to my calls, questions & any concerns regarding the many accounts our company submits to their office. It is a joy doing business with Synergetic Communication, always a smile on my face after conversation with whomever I get to talk to. I recommend them to many of our clients for any collection measures they may need."
Michael M.
Michael M. 1/2020
"They have helpful ideas to collect on slow accounts."
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