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About Rapid Recovery

  • dummy Are you tired of delinquent accounts ignoring your collection efforts?

  • dummy Would you like to increase your in- house collection results for as low as $4.50 per account?

  • dummy Rapid Recovery is your answer.

Collection Strategy - A commitment to collecting debt within 45 days is crucial to maintaining the value of the services you provide and to the financial health of your business. With a closely monitored collection strategy, you will decrease your bad debt write-offs and improve your bottom line

No Large Pre Payment Required


Pay As You Go!

Rapid Recovery is specifically designed to prompt the slow pay account in the early stages of your collection efforts. Our professional and courteous letter series and phone calls are specifically designed to prompt slow pay accounts to pay in full or to set up payment arrangements that are acceptable to you!

Rapid Recovery letter series runs for a 45 day period allowing you to resolve late payments (early delinquency) at the lowest possible cost.

When TIME IS MONEY, you want the Synergetic Communication Eviction Experts on your side!

SynCom is uniquely qualified to handle your entire eviction process from start to finish!

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  • Get assigned a dedicated account representative.
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SynCom handles the caseload for you with periodic check-ins so you stay informed.

  • We keep you informed of our progress with a weekly status call on each open case.
  • We carefully manage the eviction process up to and including, coordinating a Sheriff's lock out, when needed.

Our Attorney represented service includes a request for a money judgment, which protects your financial interest in eventually collecting the money owed to you.

Upon completion of the eviction, the unpaid rent balance due (judgment) will automatically be referred to our recovery specialists for immediate collection effort(contingency fee applies). Call us today for more information at (209) 944-9001 - (800) 399-2400 or sign-up for Eviction Services by Filling in the form below.

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Collection Agency License #: CAD11707
Compliance Manager License # (s): CM10678, CM10685

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